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Iran oil embargo seen as a problem for South Africa


11:08, January 27, 2012

CAPE TOWN, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- If South Africa follows the U.S. and the European (EU) by banning new contracts for crude oil and petroleum products from Iran, South Africa's oil refineries may have to carry out multimillion-rand reconfigurations, the Cape Argus newspaper in Cape Town reported on Thursday.

The newspaper reported that the Iran embargo is a political conundrum for South Africa, which is serving as rotating chair of the United Nations Security Council.

South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) has long had close ties with the Iranian government. Iran is South Africa's principal supplier of crude oil.

In the 1990s, the South African government under former President Nelson Mandela offered to sell nuclear enrichment expertise to Iran.

South Africa has for years argued that embargoes against Iran should be dropped, believing its nuclear intentions were peaceful.

However, South Africa may have to review its stance.

The newspaper quoted Nelisiwe Magubane, the director-general of South Africa's Department of Energy, said the South African government is still mulling its response to the imposition by the 27 EU foreign ministers of the embargo.

Magubane said her department will take direction ultimately from the South African Department of International Co-operation and Development.

"We have done a quick assessment of the refineries that will be affected," she noted, indicating this had been done by assuming that an embargo was placed by South Africa.

South Africa's oil refineries are all run by private oil companies including Shell, BP, Sasol, Engen and Chevron.

South Africa is investigating sourcing alternatives from other countries, including Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ghana and Angola, she said.


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be nice at 2012-02-0624.255.168.*
Hi John, I would not use your holy book for toilet paper. However, I have used and will use western girls" tong to wipe my ass. Do you want to share your sister, wife, or you mother?
John at 2012-01-29113.231.247.*
Hammad Sethi- raghead, why don"t you start one of your holy wars. I use a Quran for toilet paper
PD User at 2012-01-2860.54.92.*
I agree with you. But the greatest problem is Saudi Arabia, the US"s stooge. The problems in Middle East are mostly caused by this kingdom backed of course by USA. Time to drop US$ for oil sale and use alternate currencies or gold instead. See who will win in this war of altrusion.
Hammad Sethi at 2012-01-2892.40.253.*
The filthy and ugly faces of US, EU, and British Imperialist thugs are completely out in the open. If any other Christian thug such as South Africa wants to join them then that is their problem. Iran is selling oil and not vegetables that will rot and perish. If EU will not buy Iranian oil then somebody else will, and if somebody else will also refuse to buy Iranian oil then Iran can use its own oil for the next two hundred years. By 2020 Chinese oil consumption will be more than US and EU oil comsumption combined, and China will be completely dependent on imported oil. Iran can sit on its oil until Iran finds good reliable customers. Iran should put an immediate and permanent stop to selling oil to EU, and all Muslim countries should support Iran. It is wise to have honest and trust-worthy trade-partners than to deal with blackmailing crooks.

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