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Sri Lanka warns ex-rebels against moves to overthrow gov't


13:57, January 21, 2012

COLOMBO, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- Sri Lanka has warned former Tamil Tiger rebels not to engage with any group which may attempt to overthrow the government.

The warning came after a splinter group of a Marxist political party in Sri Lanka claimed it had established contacts with some former rebels who were rehabilitated by the government and released into society.

The military official in charge of the rehabilitation program of former rebels said on Saturday that if a former rebel who has been rehabilitated and released into society is found to be having links with groups which are looking at creating an unstable situation in the country, those former rebels will be arrested.

Commissioner General of Rehabilitation Major General Chandana Rajaguru, however, said that so far they have not come across or received information regarding such activities.

He said that former rebels are free to engage in politics but they cannot look to overthrow the government through violent means.

A spokesman for a breakaway faction of the People's Liberation Front, a Marxist political party, said they have obtained the support of several former rebels to overthrow the government.

Udul Premaratne said the Sri Lankan government must allow former rebels to choose their own path even if it is in politics.

Thousands of former rebels have been released back into society after undergoing rehabilitation following the end of a 30-year war in May 2009 between the military and the rebels.


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Somartan vitana at 2012-01-21111.98.89.*
Former rebels of LTTE and JVP so-called anachist are not marxist.Since 1965 May JVP had been work as anachis-terrostist out-fit in Sri lanka.JVP had undermine Sri Lankan NEW-left movement since its came into being.Needlees to say JVP work for Western, Indian and other vital intertsed of foriegn powers as well.Ongoing ex-LTTE carders and split gang of NEW JVP are collbration with foreing powers try to undermine contry soverginity and terroial intergrity of Sri lanka.This move against consprice of West & Indian to de-etablished country peace and soverginity.New JVP groupe is NOT marxist,but typcial-anachist and terrotst out-fit.

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