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Thailand sets to attract more Chinese tourists in 2012

By Sun Guangyong (People's Daily)

16:53, January 19, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Judging from the growth rate of 2011, there will be 2 million Chinese tourists going to Thailand for sightseeing in 2012, the vice director of the Thailand-China Tourism Association told the People's Daily.

He said Chinese tourists usually stay between five and six days in Thailand and their per capita expenditure is at least 5,000 Thai Baht per day, so they are expected to bring a total income of 80 billion Thai Baht.

In 2012, the Tourism Authority of Thailand will continue implementing the "Amazing Thailand" program to attract foreign tourists.

Regarding the Chinese market, the director-general of the authority Suraphon Svetasreni said that the authority will help travel agencies open 10 air lines of chartered planes to connect some inland Chinese provinces that do not have the direct air line to Thailand, including Shanxi province, municipality of Chongqing and Henan province

In addition, the authority will also prepare some attractive tourism packages for Chinese tourists and launch the "Beautiful Thailand" tourism promotion activity.

Suraphon also said that the Chinese market will be one of the largest target markets for Thailand's tourism in 2012, and except for continuing launching traditional sea beach tourism items, Thailand will also focus on promoting historic and cultural tourism items, such as traveling in places with historic and cultural deposits like Ayutthaya, Chiengmai and Krabi, so that Chinese tourists will be able to enjoy high-quality, more interesting and comfortable journeys.

Now that more and more Chinese tourists are visiting Thailand, they also meet such issues as safety and quality of service. Casualties of Chinese tourists caused by tourist bus accidents or yacht accidents could often be heard and conflicts between tourists and tour guides or tourist agencies also happen from time to time.

Thailand has established a special committee to handle the emergencies met by foreign tourists in Thailand and is committed to keep improving its reception environment and quality of service. In this way, Chinese tourists' sightseeing in Thailand will be able to develop in a better environment.

In 2012, the Thailand Authority of Tourism will continue focusing on the quality of tourism and the safety of tourists and raise the expenditure level of Chinese tourists.


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