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Peru's Vice President resigns on corruption accusations


09:58, January 18, 2012

LIMA, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- Omar Chehade, one of the two Peru's Vice Presidents, resigned on Monday night due to alleged corruption accusations.

Prime Minister Oscar Valdes Tuesday confirmed about Chehade's resign to media and said "it was a personal decision that has been recognized by President Ollanta Humala."

Analysts said Chehade's resign will not affect government's stability and can even end the scandal involving Humalad, who assumed presidency on July, 2011, under the promise to fight against corruption.

Chehade signed a resignation letter, released by Congress, in which he said he hoped the event will not damage the image of the government.

Chehade was expected to announce his resignation to the Congress on Tuesday, which could probably approve his resignation. Since months ago, Chehade, a congress member, had been under investigations for allegedly helping the Wong business corporation.

Chehade denied charges of having removed a sugar cooperative's striking workers to benefit Wong, which wants to take it over.

On December 2011, a majority of 130-member Peruvian Congress voted to suspend Chehade for 120 days.


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