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Kazakhstan's ruling party captures 83 seats in 107-seat lower house


09:22, January 18, 2012

ASTANA, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- President Nurlsutan Nazarbayev's ruling Nur Otan party captured 83 seats in Kazakhstan's 107-seat lower house during Sunday's parliamentary elections, officials said Tuesday.

"According to the regional election commissions, the Nur Otan party received 80.99 percent of the votes," said Bakhyt Meldeshov, secretary of the Central Election Committee.

Meldeshov said that the Ak Zhol party and the Communist People's party respectively received 7.47 and 7.19 percent of the vote and would each gain eight seats and seven seats to enter the lower house.

The other four parties that participated in Sunday's parliamentary elections failed to pass the 7 percent threshold to enter the Mazhilis, or lower house.

Under a new election law, at least two parties should be included in the parliament, which had dominated by only one party for a long time.


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