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US senators back strong military presence in Asia

(Shanghai Daily)

09:00, January 18, 2012

A US-CHINA confrontation in Asia is unlikely but Washington is "committed" to help bolster the military firepower of its allies amid territorial disputes with Beijing, two United States senators said yesterday.

The Philippines has turned to the United States for warships, fighter jets and radar to bolster its anemic military.

Senator John McCain, however, said he did not expect any major conflicts with China but reiterated a US commitment to maintain its presence in Asia and bolster the military firepower of its allies to counterbalance "China's dominance."

"We do not foresee a conflict or confrontation with China," McCain said in a news conference in Manila, where he and three other senators held talks with Philippine officials on defense and trade ties.

But he said the best way to guarantee Asia's stability was to build a strong US military presence in the region as well as robust alliances with its allies.

With the US drawing down its military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, McCain said America will intensify its deployment of air and naval assets to Asia, increase joint military exercises and bolster trade.

McCain said the US had no plans to try to re-establish military bases in the Philippines, which forbids permanent bases of foreign troops.

The US can build a strong presence through robust defense cooperation with its Asian allies and maintain a formidable force in critical areas like the South China Sea, Senator Joseph Lieberman said.

"We simply cannot allow one nation, in this case China, to exercise 'disproportionate control' over these waterways," he said.


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? at 2012-03-0871.38.26.*
Stop stealing our property.
PD User at 2012-02-2998.207.151.*
The "world"s policeman" never learned anything from its failed foreign policy, time and again.
PD user at 2012-01-25220.255.1.*
In the past the water-way were used exclusively by the west that export processed raw material from Asia. Now China must not let any country to exercise disproportinate control over the water-way. In this case the US lest one day they stop your goods from using the water-way when they loose out economically like they did to the Japanese car and killed a chinese mistaken as a Japanese in the 70s. China go-go-go. Its sick to keep hearing they are the best. They are number by any means. They can out-innovate everybody on earth blar, blar, blar.
PD User at 2012-01-2376.124.224.*
Even before I start reading this report, I already know it"s McCain, this nut Veitnam vet, whose thinks that by recoping the lost image of U.S that lost battle in Vietnam war is by showing it"s demonic hegemony and white supremacy in Asia.And ,oh boy, some coward Asian leaders allowed themselves to be dictated AND USED BY U.S AS SACRIFICIAL LAMBS FOR ITS BATTLE TO STOP CHINA SURPASSING U.S ECONOMICALLY.What an awful,spoiled brat!

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