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Nine out of ten Greeks fear future, reject interim government- opinion poll


16:47, January 16, 2012

ATHENS, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- Nine out of ten Greek citizens expressed fear about the future and were dissatisfied with the interim coalition government, according to a new opinion poll released on Sunday.

Two months after the three-party administration of Lucas Papademos was formed to lead efforts to secure a second rescue loans package for Greece and avert a default and before calling snap general elections in early 2012, negotiations on the release of further vital international aid are delayed and pressure is increasing.

Facing the prospect of more austerity measures or a bankruptcy this spring, a 91 percent of respondents in the survey conducted by the Kathimerini daily, rejected the transitional government's work, expressing fear for the following months and years.

Some 62 percent of Greeks do not believe that technocrat Papademos can pave a way for Athens out of the debt crisis which hit the country in 2009.

As "indignant" protesters, who staged massive anti-austerity rallies nationwide last year, are due to hold their first gathering of new year in front of the parliament later on Sunday, the poll showed that many Greek voters shared skepticism toward all political parties represented in the assembly over their handling of the crisis.

If elections were conducted at this moment, a 32.5 percent of Greeks would abstain. The conservative New Democracy party, which joined the coalition government in November, would win the ballot with 30.5 percent of votes. The socialist PASOK party of former Prime Minister George Papandreou which also supports Papademos' administration would garner 14 percent of votes.

Left parties that strongly criticize the austerity and reform drive agreed with international creditors, and the rightist Popular Orthodox Rally party that backs the current government, would follow.

Despite calls for a change of policies and course to tackle the crisis, 50 percent of people who participated in the survey agreed that the elections should be held later, fearing political instability as well.

About 46 percent of respondents on the other hand called for snap elections to be held as soon as possible. According to the latest indication by the governing parties, the ballots could be set up in the coming April.


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