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Alleged Rwandan war criminal collapses in Canada after being ordered deported


11:05, January 12, 2012

OTTAWA, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- An accused Rwandan war criminal was rushed to hospital on a stretcher Wednesday shortly after a Canadian Federal Court judge ordered him to be sent back to his home country to face trial.

Leon Mugesera was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Quebec City soon after the verdict. Authorities would not disclose the nature of Mugesera's illness.

Mugesera has fought for 16 years to remain in Canada. His case was tied up in the courts, including an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mugesera was a prominent member of the Hutu-dominated Mouvement republicain national pour la democratie et le developpement political party, which ruled Rwanda from 1975 to 1994.

Mugesera is accused of giving a speech in 1992 that incited the mass murder of between 500,000 and one million members of the Tutsi tribe. Mugesera is wanted for trial by Rwanda's government.

In his speech, Mugesera, a Hutu, called Rwandan Tutsis " cockroaches" and "scum." He told members of his Hutu tribe to kill them. During the 1994 genocide, the speech was rebroadcast over Rwanda government radio to whip up hatred of the Tutsi minority.

Mugesera was initially accepted by Canada as a refugee and taught at Laval University in Quebec City.

Mugesera claims he will be tortured and could be killed if he returns to Rwanda. Rwanada, however, abolished the use of the death penalty in 2007.

In December, Canada's Immigration Department ruled that Mugesera would not be killed if he returned to Rwanda. In Wednesday's decision, the Federal Court found no legal reason why Mugesera should not be deported.

Unless a higher court grants a reprieve, Mugesera will be deported Thursday. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Wednesday Mugesera's case demonstrates that Canada is too generous with suspected foreign war criminals."At some point it turns into a mockery of Canada's generosity," he said." Eventually we have to remove war criminals and stop talking about it."

He promised to streamline the deportation process to prevent foreign criminals from creating similar delays.


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