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Nigerian defense chief vows to overcome security challenges


14:15, January 11, 2012

JOS, Nigeria Jan. 10 (Xinhua) -- Nigeria's Chief of Defense Staff Oluseyi Petinrin says his country will overcome the current security challenges and come out stronger and more united.

Petinrin said this in central north Plateau State on Tuesday after inaugurating a free medical healthcare scheme in Barkin Ladi area of the state.

He said the security challenges in the Plateau were still there, as some Nigerians who do not want peace are still all over the place.

"Whatever their agenda may be or whatever they call themselves, what I can assure you is that Nigerians have always overcome such challenges and they will surely overcome this one too," he told reporters.

The defense chief told his audience that the healthcare program was to bring the different communities in Plateau together so that they can interact better and live together in unity.

According to hi, there would always be problems when people interact with each other, but that such problems should remain local.

He said it was sad that at the end of last year, some people attempted to cause trouble by planting bombs in certain places, but they failed.


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