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Iran's military drill continues in Strait of Hormuz


10:38, January 03, 2012

An Iranian missile is launched during Iranian naval maneuvers dubbed Velayat 90 on the Sea of Oman, Iran, Jan. 2, 2012. Iran successfully test-fired long range and short range missiles during its military drill in the Strait of Hormuz on Monday, state media reported. (Xinhua/Stringer/Hamed Jafarnejad)

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Batuapi at 2012-01-04122.146.107.*
Not easy to take on the Americans and their European allies with their military sophistication. If at all our Iranian brothers take on their adversary, I only hope they could deliver a stinging blow on the US Navy. Make the Straits of Hormuz a tomb for a US carrier and I bet the US will withdraw.The United States have been creating a lot of problems, tensions and chaos around the world lately. Iraq was a relatively peaceful and prosperous nation under late Saddam Hussein. I could see Iraq disintegrating into 3 separate states in the near future. Hamid Karzai is effectively the Mayor of Kabul, otherwise it is Taliban territory. When the US troops withdraw in the near future, Karzai will be in the bandwagon.Fighting amongst rival militia group has begun in Libya.At the end of the day creating conflict could be a lucrative venture as there are weapons and munitions to be sold. The US is a major arms manufacturer and exporter in the world.The sight of Hilary Clinton reminds me of a witch flying all over the world on a broomstick, poking her nose into the internal affair of other countries.
helen at 2012-01-03203.82.82.*
Until and unless Iran and N Korea can kill thousands upon thousands of US soldiers and their axis; and inflict enormous physical destruction to them, the United States will continue to provoke and contemplate invasions.It is good that Iran has adopted the N Korean "Total War" strategy against the United States in the event of military aggression by the United States.Now that both these countries have nuclear weapons, it is imperative that they expedite and perfect their ICBM systems to target and reach continental USA. This is the only language understood by the US.Russia has adopted a "total nuclear war" strategy against the United States and NATO in the event that the US government attempts military aggression. It does not enter a conventional weapons race with the USA but it believes in a total nuclear war when the US and NATO behave like barbarians. All sovereign nations must nuclearise and develop missile delivery systems to reach continental USA. Failing which, they will be victims to US invasion.Nuclearise or Die!Iran and N Korea are prime examples for all prudent and sensible sovereign nations to follow.

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