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Five Bahraini policemen to face charges of torture in court


10:37, December 30, 2011

MANAMA, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- Bahrain's Public Prosecution on Thursday referred cases of torture and maltreatment carried out by Interior Ministry staffs to the High Criminal Court.

Chief Public Prosecutor Nawaf Hamza said in a statement that the court case has been scheduled for January 11, 2012, adding that the charges in the case included five members of the police force, "two of which were charged with torture and mistreatment of a detainee that led to death."

"The other three defendants were charged with negligence, for their failure to report the incident," said Hamza.

The transfer is according to an order by the Military Court that the case does not fall under its jurisdiction.

In the coming weeks, the High Criminal Court is all set to take up another high profile case involving members in a sleeper cell planning to target the Saudi embassy in Bahrain and the Interior Ministry.

Hamza said that eight defendants are being referred to the High Criminal Court to be tried for espionage, as well as organizing, managing, and joining an illegal group. The first court hearing for the case has been set for January 9 next year.

The accused collaborated with a foreign country to provide military training for the sake of conducting terrorist acts.

"The Public Prosecution relied on evidence ranging from confessions to workbooks and written documents seized in the possession of the accused parties. The documents contained organizational plans and instructions for making bombs," added Hamza.


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