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Asian countries refuse to 'take side'

(People's Daily)

16:58, December 26, 2011

In recent years, deepened “10+3” cooperation between the ASEAN and China, Japan and South Korea have made this region a major world economic power.

The United States has returned to the Asia-Pacific with the view of maximizing its benefit from Asian development. While the reason for why some Asian countries have a certain interest in the U.S.’s return is not only because they want to achieve the leverage with China in security with the help of the United States, but more hope that the U.S.’s investment and the market can continue to provide a strong power for Asian economy as before.

An expert from a Singapore strategic consulting firm said, “Small Asian countries need the United States’ continued participation in Asian affairs to counter China’s influence. A harmonious but restricted China is more likely to play an active role.”

It seems that this sentence implies alert to China, but to understand it thoroughly, you will find it has two meanings. The first is to restrict China’s influence by the U.S.’s power and market, but this restriction is more to balance but not contain China’s development. The second meaning is also obvious, that is to make better use of China’s development.

Asia’s problem is that a new balance and bonds that can tightly bind Asian economies together have not been formed yet. The lack of such a balance and bonds makes Asian countries always watch changes in their neighbors uneasily and always hope to form a balance in their favor with the help of some power outside the region. But the current cooperation trend in Asia will eventually make the regional development take this step.

Development is Asia’s general trend. And China will certainly become the economic engine of Asia. The United States will also not give up its dominant position in the Asia-Pacific, but it should have sufficient investment to boost the common prosperity of this region. “Both the United States and China are every important to the ASEAN. We are friends with the United States and China. Please do not make us choose one from the two,” said a maritime analyst of Malaysia.

Therefore, the persistence and popularity of America’s return will depend on whether it will promote or restrict or even undermine the development in this region. Unless the United States maintains absolute superiority in economic development and provides more power for the Asian-Pacific countries, otherwise, it will eventually be unable to continue its glory in the Asian-Pacific region after the World War II.


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CHINESE FROM SINGAPORE W at 2012-03-09218.186.15.*
If the USA comes back to asia,the USA will try to create lots of trouble and problems here,just like what it did in Iraq and Afghanistan causing numerous unjust deaths and destruction in asia.Better to be aware of the USA,a bad bully that only cause death and destruction everywhere it goes.I will prefer the USA not to come to Asia.The USA does not belong here in asia and should just stick to North america
Rose at 2012-01-14180.219.7.*
The most important thing for Asians are to work together and make sure their own economic improve, people have enough to eat and to live in a better condition. The Asian people do not need any more war or being colonized by any powerful player. If USA can provide that, then he can stay, otherwise what good does it make to flex his muscle around? People can not sustain their livelihood by empty words.
PD User at 2012-01-04220.255.1.*
Yes, we also believe that US is the most friendly and peaceful superpower regime on earth...ahahahaha
Cai Mu-lan at 2012-01-04137.56.163.*
Bottom line is Washington is orchestrating for a war with China before 2020. Do not underestimate this reading if any person other than Ron Paul is elected as President of the U.S. this year.
PD User at 2012-01-02220.255.1.*
Yes, we believe that China's rise is peaceful.

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