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London subway strike to frustrate Boxing Day shoppers


09:54, December 26, 2011

LONDON, Dec. 25 (Xinhua) -- Shoppers in London will face frustration by a scheduled 24-hour strike by underground train drivers on December 26, the Boxing day this year.

According to a press release issued by ASLEF, Britain's trade union for train drivers, on December 22, the High Court refused to back a call by the London Underground to halt the strike. ASLEF is demanding for more pay for drivers.

ASLEF said it was delighted that the Court agreed that the action was legal.

Some Londoners expressed their unhappiness for the inconvenience as the move will disrupt their plan for the Boxing Day, the first day of the post-Christmas sales and a traditional Christmas shopping rush.

"Only at this time of the year that we have so many holidays and at this time of the year, they have stopped us from going anywhere, from enjoying the Christmas," said Sakshi Singh.

Some gave their support to the strike. "It is some voice to be heard. And I think even though it creates inconvenience, it shows a lot of unhappiness that is going and it shouldn't be covered up," said Londoner Mada Maji.

London Underground said only 42 percent of ASLEF members voted to strike in the ballot, while the union said 92 percent of those who voted cast their ballots in favor of strike action.

Local media reported that tube staff are planning more strikes in future time respectively on 16 January, 3 February and 13 February.

London Underground has promised to run as many Tube services as they can and extra buses will operate on the busiest bus routes on the Boxing Day.


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