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Myanmar simplifies job seeking process for working in Thailand


13:31, December 25, 2011

YANGON, Dec. 25 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar authorities have simplified the job-seeking process for local workers to work in Thailand by opening labor exchange office in Yangon to directly register prospective Myanmar workers for the job offered by the neighboring country, official media reported Sunday.

The measure has facilitated Myanmar workers in applying for the foreign job without needing to travel to the border points of Tachilek, Kawthoung and Myawaddy with Thailand where one had to wait for 20 to 45 days for the job approval previously, said the New Light of Myanmar.

The labor exchange office of the Ministry of Labor will also arrange physical examinations, interview, signing employment deal and sending to Thailand, the report added.

Myanmar an Thailand met for the 9th time in Pyin Oo Lwin, northern part of Myanmar, in January this year, touching on issue of Myanmar workers being employed in Thailand.

Myanmar proposed to dispatch fresh migrant workers to work legally in Thailand and a process of verification of Myanmar nationality has been underway to issue temporary passports to them.

There are three centers for issuing the passports on the Myanmar-Thai border, namely Kawthoung, Tachilek and Myawaddy.

Myanmar and Thailand once also met for the issue in the ancient city of Bagan in February 2010 during which Thailand offered to recruit over 15,000 Myanmar workers along its border with the country through negotiation of the two governments.

Under the agreement, Myanmar migrant workers are allowed to cross border and take up jobs in Thailand via three border towns with enjoyment of same rights that Thai workers have.

Moreover, a Myanmar Association for Employee Protection was formed in Thailand to help solve labor problems and give protection to Myanmar workers in that country.

According to earlier Thai statistics, there are 500,000 to 600, 000 Myanmar migrant workers staying in Thailand.


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