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Sarkozy urges gov't to take measures on airport strike


14:08, December 22, 2011

PARIS, Dec. 21 (Xinhua) -- French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday urged the government to take all necessary measures to avoid troubled traveling situation caused by strike of French airport security workers, government spokeswoman Valerie Pecresse said.

"He (Sarkozy) insisted on the fact that the government cannot allow the French people's holidays to be taken hostage," the spokeswoman said, adding that in a cabinet session, the president "asked ministers to be extremely attentive to how the situation evolves and to take all necessary and timely measures."

Started last Friday in Lyon, the strike has entered the sixth day, hampering some international flights.

Local media reported that on Wednesday flights from Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport were delayed but no cancellations were reported, while Lyon's Saint-Exupery airport has canceled a third of its departures.

French airport security workers have been going on a nationwide strike in a bid to demand better working conditions and higher wages. The strike came as France's schools enter the first week of their year-end holiday and working people travel home for Christmas celebrations.

As negotiations between union representatives and management have resulted in "total failure," the French government on Tuesday prepared to deploy 400 police at airports to replace the striking workers, local media said.

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