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Wikileaks suspect appears in U.S. military court


10:47, December 18, 2011

Bradley Manning (L, 1st), a 24-year old U.S. soldier accused of disclosing secret cables to WikiLeaks, is escorted to a Maryland court, Dec. 17, 2011. Manning made his first court appearance for a pre-trial in the court after he was arrested on 26 May, 2010. Manning, who wore his camouflage uniform and sported thick black-rimmed glasses during the hearing, is accused of downloading 2,60,000 US diplomatic cables, videos of American air strikes and U.S. military reports from Afghanistan and Iraq between November 2009 and May 2010 while serving in Iraq and giving them to WikiLeaks. The military is conducting a hearing at an Army post outside Washington to determine whether prosecutors have enough evidence to bring Manning to trial, where he could face a term of life in prison as a traitor. (Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

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