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Canada urges citizens to flee Syria as flights restrict


08:22, December 16, 2011

OTTAWA, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- Canadians in Syria should flee the turbulent Syria now, while there are commercial flights out of the country, the country's Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Thursday.

Baird said at a news conference at his ministry headquarters that Canada is launching a one-month "voluntary evacuation" to help the estimated 5,000 Canadians, who are believed to be in Syria mostly holding dual citizenships, though Canadian companies also have workers in Syria's oil fields.

Bair warned that sanctions imposed by the Arab League already limit air traffic over Syria, and the situation in the Middle East country is deteriorating.

He said Canadian diplomatic staff "will provide facilitated services to assist Canadians in preparing for their departure."

Baird also said Canada has no plans to sever diplomatic relations with Syria and isn't contemplating any military intervention at this time, but the children of embassy staff have been evacuated from Syria.

Syria has placed severe restrictions on Canadian diplomats operating in that country, he said, suggesting Canadians try to reach the embassy in Damascus by telephone or go there in person.

Expedited visas will be made available for people traveling with Canadians, Baird said.

"Our embassy in Damascus is also available to assist Canadians in Syria, as well as their spouses and their dependent children, with the needed travel documents, visas between now and Jan. 14, 2012," Baird said.

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