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Spanish Congress sits for first time since November election


09:23, December 14, 2011

MADRID, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- The Spanish Congress was convened for the first time on Tuesday following the electoral victory of the right wing Popular Party led by Mariano Rajoy on November 20th.

The new Congress, which now sees a majority of the PP, who won 186 of the 350 seats in November's election, began the session by confirming Jesus Posada as the new president of the Congress and Pio Garcia-Escudero as the president of the Senate.

Both had been proposed by Rajoy on Monday and given his party's majority in the Congress their election was a mere formality.

Apart from the 186 PP members, Congress is made up of 110 representatives of the Socialist (PSOE), 16 from the Catalan nationalist, Convergencia I Unio, 11 from Izquierda Unida, 7 from radical Basque nationalists Amaiur, 5 from Union Progreso y Democracia, 5 for The Basque Nationalist Party (PNV), 2 for Ezquera Republicana, 2 for Coalition Canarias and one each for Compromis, Foro de Asturias and Geroa Bai.

The investiture debate will be held at the beginning of next week before Rajoy is sworn in as the new prime minister on December 21st. He is then expected to name his cabinet, and the first cabinet meeting will be held on December 23.

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