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Asia's voice amplified by law forum

By Huang Shuo (

19:09, December 13, 2011

Law school deans and experts of over 100 universities from countries including China, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Mongolia and Australia gathered at Renmin University of China (RUC) on December 10 to 11 for the 3rd Forum of Asian Law School Deans and the Founding Ceremony of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Law, RUC.

"With the development of economic integration in Asia and trade liberalization, regional cooperation and international interactions in the field of laws are playing an ever increasingly important role in speaking out the voice of Asia by leaders in politics and economy in Asia," addressed Chen Yulu, president of the RUC.

Chen added that all scholars attending could jointly share the fruitful results achieved by the forum, and help improve the communication of the sphere of law among different nations and regions in Asia.

Han Dayuan, dean of Renmin Law School and the Asia-Pacific Institute of Law, RUC, expressed that the forum set up a platform of exchanges for peers in law to better understand the legal system of different countries and regions, share experiences of development in laws, and to promote communication and cooperation in legal education.

"The forum also aims to promote the healthy development of the world's legal civilization," Han said.

Zhang Jun, vice-president of Supreme People's Court of China, Sun Changyong, deputy director of Higher Education Division, the Ministry of Education of China, and Professor Susumu Yamauchi, president of Hitotsubashi University of Japan, also attended the forum.


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