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Singapore Airlines pulls plug on self-service check-in kiosks


14:36, December 13, 2011

SINGAPORE, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- Singapore Airlines has become one of the first to stop the use of self-service check-in kiosks at Changi Airport, due to low usage and the increasingly popular option of Internet and mobile check-in.

The airline has 24 self-service kiosks at the airport that allowed passengers to pick their seats and print their boarding passes, local daily Straits Times reported on Tuesday.

Those with luggage can drop them off at stipulated counters for loading onto the aircraft. The entire process took about five minutes, compared to eight to 10 minutes for a counter check-in.

Singapore Airlines introduced the check-in kiosks in November 2006. They were provided by ground-handling firm Sats.

SIA spokesman Nicholas Ionides did not provide specific usage rates, but said that self check-in options via the Internet and mobile phones are more popular now. The airline expects this trend to continue, he said.

About one in four SIA travelers flying out of Changi Airport now use self-check-in services, he said.

While the airline has stopped offering the kiosks, Changi Airport Group still provides the machines to airlines that wish to use them.

CAG Spokesman Ivan Tan said there are currently eight of the kiosks available. They are used by passengers of Cathay Pacific, Air France/KLM, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.

Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia also has its own check-in kiosks.

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