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EU-Russia trade up 27 percent in first nine months


09:15, December 13, 2011

BRUSSELS, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) --- European Union (EU) and Russia trade in goods increased by 27 percent to 243 billion euros (321 billion U.S. dollars), the bloc's statistical office Eurostat reported on Monday.

According to Eurostat, EU's export to Russia rose from 61 billion euros in 3rd quarter last year to 79 billion euros over the same period this year, while import climbed from 117 to 146 billion euros, with trade deficit rising from 56 to 67 billion euros.

In the first nine month this year, Russia was the EU's third most important trading partner after the U.S. and China, accounting for 7 percent of exports and 12 percent of imports of the 27-nation bloc.

Among EU's member states, Germany was by far the largest exporter to Russia, accounting for 32 percent of the bloc's total export, followed by Italy of 9 percent, France of 7 percent.

Germany was also the largest importer, accounting for 18 percent of EU's import, followed by Netherland of 13 percent, as well as Poland and Italy, both at 9 percent.

Over 85 percent of EU exports to Russia in the first nine months were manufactured goods, while energy accounted for more than three quarters of imports.

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