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Singaporeans deny charges of illegally exporting U.S. radio parts to Iran


08:24, December 13, 2011

INGAPORE, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) -- Four Singaporeans charged with illegally exporting United States-made radio equipment to Iran and held for U.S. extradition request denied the charges in court on Monday.

The non-committal hearing at the Subordinate Courts will weigh the United States evidence of the suspects making illegal exports to Iran, and it will be determined if there are sufficient grounds for them to be extradited.

They face a U.S. extradition request on the ground that they had exported radio equipment including 6,000 radio modules and 55 antenna parts to Iran, thereby evading a U.S. trade embargo against Iran.

Some of these equipment ended up in roadside bombs targeting the coalition forces in Iraq. The United States traced the radio equipment to the three Singapore-based companies and an Iranian company that are believed to be involved in the trade channel that made it possible.

The United States and Singapore have extradition agreements. All the four suspects were arrested in Singapore in October. An Iranian national Hossein Larijani believed to be behind the deal was still at large.

The radio modules have a range of 65 kilometers when configured with a specialized antenna.

One of the four accused, Lim Kow Seng, was tasked with obtaining quotations and procuring deals for antenna parts.

Lim alleged that he did not know the identity of his customer and said he was led to believe the parts were meant for commercial and not military use.

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