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Afghan president vows to fight corruption


08:30, December 12, 2011

KABUL, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday vowed to fight corruption in his cash-strapped and militancy-plagued country.

"We are determined to fight corruption and implement the law to curb this social evil," President Karzai said in his remarks to observe the International Anti-Corruption Day.

The militancy-hit Afghanistan has ranked the second most corrupted nations after Somalia and Democratic People Republic of Korea, according to a recent report by Transparency International.

To root out corruption, Karzai pointed out that implementation of the law is essential, adding the government should push the reforms and end nepotism.

He also noted that Afghanistan would overcome the menace of corruption through its long-term fight.

However, the Afghan president pointed finger at foreign countries present in Afghanistan, saying "Our foreign friends should not give huge contracts to high ranking government functionaries as signing such contracts would pave the way for corruption." Nevertheless, the president did not mention any name.

Certain countries contributing troops to Afghanistan particularly the United States, according to officials have inked contracts worth millions of U.S. dollars with private firms.

"The worth of these contracts is billions of U.S. dollars and inked without our information. If such contracts are inked in a proper way and Afghan government takes tax it would benefit our economy," President Karzai said, adding "we want our foreign friends to assist us in this field".

In parts of his speech, the Afghan leader also hinted that " BBC and certain media outlets have making propaganda that Afghanistan would plunge into civil war after NATO-led forces pull out from the war-torn country", saying these media outlets should stop such propaganda against Afghanistan.

Meantime, the Afghan President said education is very important for taking his country out from the current problems, as educating Afghans would help the country to stand on its feet.

Earlier, Azizullah Ludin, the head of Anti-Corruption Directorate of Afghanistan in his speech described corruption as a major challenge in government administration.

"My administration is like a toothless lion that captures a prey but cannot eat," Ludin told the audience while referring to the weakness of administration.

He also admitted that the law is implemented against the weak citizens while the big fishes and influential figures enjoy immunity and emphasized that the culture of impunity should be ended in Afghanistan.

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