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Syrian opposition calls for national unity gov't as violence ramps up in Homs


08:13, December 12, 2011

DAMASCUS, Dec. 11 (Xinhua) -- A Syrian opposition front at home called for forming a national unity government as the sole solution to end the nearly nine-month-old crisis, as the ongoing violence in central Homs region is ramping up unabatedly.

"There is no substitute for a national unity government, whose main task is to combine all the honorable spectra of the Syrians to defend the homeland and the national unity in the face of all conspirators whether they are hiding within the regime or publicly announcing their attachments with the West," the Popular Front for Change and Liberation (PFCL) said in a press conference Sunday.

"Such government is capable of playing down the rift and building trust between the state and all spectra in the community, " it said, calling on the Syrian regime to deal seriously and swiftly with "this demand."

It also urged the "national opposition" to react positively to the demand of national unity government "because the homeland is more important than who's with and who's against."

Adel Nai'sseh, member of the PFCL, made it clear that "under these circumstances, I think what we are calling for is the only substantive outlet to the crisis and any other solutions might complicate the situation and prolong the current crisis at the expense of the Syrian blood.

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