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Pakistan reaffirms commitment to Afghan peace


09:52, December 09, 2011

ISLAMABAD, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- Pakistan on Thursday said it is very much associated and committed to the peace process in Afghanistan.

"Boycott of the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan did not mean that Pakistan has dissociated from the Afghan peace process," said Abdul Basit, the newly designated Spokesman of the Foreign Office.

Answering questions at weekly briefing, the Spokesperson reaffirmed Pakistan's commitment to quest for peace and stability in Afghanistan in particular and the region in general.

"The boycott of Bonn Conference that Pakistan did in protest of NATO attack on its border posts on November 26, was under the decision of Defense Committee later on upheld by the full Cabinet, " he said.

"The boycott was in Pakistan's larger interest, and we would continue to facilitate the process of peace and stability in Afghanistan," he maintained. There was no point to attend the conference in the background of 26/11 event," he added.

Responding to questions on U.S.-Pakistan relations, he said, Pakistan's engagement with NATO as well as U.S. was under review again under the decision of leadership. He described timeline and objectives of the review process as beyond his purview to talk about.

"Not at all" was his answer to the question of a halt or breakdown of Pakistan's ties with US. "We are streamlining our existing relations with U.S. and NATO," he added. Failing to give any figure, he said the U.S. has delayed disbursement of the Coalition Support Fund. He attempted to downplay the reported U.S. threats of aid cut.

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