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Most Greeks suffer dramatic income decline, prefer to stay in eurozone: poll


10:46, December 07, 2011

ATHENS, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- The wide majority of Greek households have suffered from dramatic income decline amidst deep recession in 2011 due to austerity measures implemented by the government to overcome an acute debt crisis, according to a new poll released on Tuesday.

Shortly before a vote in parliament on the 2012 budget scheduled for early Wednesday, Greek people fear the situation will get worse next year, Despite the pressure, they still strongly support their country's stay in the European common currency zone.

The poll conducted by "GPO" firm on behalf of Greek television channel "Mega" on a sample of 1,400 people showed the dramatic situation Greek people experience from the outburst of the debt crisis in late 2009 and the disappointment towards the government and the political system.

An 88 percent of Greek citizens said that their income declined dramatically this year, and 80.8 percent of the respondents predicted further pain next year.

Nevertheless, they rejected a Greek exit from the eurozone. A 76.7 percent of respondents said Greece should stay in eurozone against a 20.8 percent who argued that Greece shouldn't stay in the euro zone at any cost.

With an overwhelming percentage of 79.3 percent, the majority of respondents believe that the economic adjustment program prescribed by the country's lenders, the International Monetary Fund and European partners, in 2010 in exchange of vital bailout loans to avert default, has failed.

Five out of ten attribute the failure to the content of the program, a 32.7 percent blame the weakness of the government of former prime minister George Papandreou to fully implement it and a 7.3 percent the strong reactions of labor unions.

The poll also showed that the support towards the two main political parties that support the interim administration of Lucas Papademos formed in November, has reached record low, as they garner a total of 36.8 percent positive votes from the respondents.


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