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India asks Facebook, Google to remove defamatory content: report


16:18, December 06, 2011

NEW DELHI, Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- India has asked social network sites like Facebook and Google to prescreen user content from India and remove "disparaging, inflammatory or defamatory" content before it goes online, reported local daily The Hindustan Times on Tuesday.

India wants these companies to use human beings, not technology, to screen the content, the newspaper reported.

In a meeting with top officials of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook on Monday, Indian Communications and IT Minister Kapil Sibal said they should remove all "disparaging and defamatory content" before uploading it into websites.

He cited an example of a religious place that turned out to be a pornographic site, and told them such content played with religious sentiments, according to the report.

The company representatives are believed to have told Sibal his demand was impossible, given the volume of user-generated content from India, and that they cannot be responsible for determining what is and is not defamatory or disparaging. But they said the demand could be implemented only if there is a clear law, said the report.

Six weeks ago, Sibal called legal representatives of top internet service providers and social network sites to his office and showed them a Facebook page that maligned India's ruling Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, according to the newspaper.


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