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Rescue continues after 10 killed as wall falls in Indonesia


16:24, December 05, 2011

JAKARTA, Dec. 5 (Xinhua)-- Rescuers continue on Monday to search for nine missing persons being buried underneath the debris of houses after a concrete wall fell in South Sulawesi province of Indonesia, in which ten people were killed and one was injured, according to rescuers at provincial Search and Rescue Office.

Heavy rain had the soil underneath the high concrete wall fallen along with the wall bordering between a compound of the houses complex of Villa D. Mutiara build by a developer and houses in Tanah Kukang district of South Sulawesi province on Sunday, said Wahyu Tri Agung, rescuer at provincial Search and Rescue Office.

Those from Search and Rescue Office in South Sulawesi, community and volunteers had been hand in hand to find the victims buried underneath the ruins, said Wahid Jamali another rescuer at the office. "Evacuation continue today (Monday), as the community told us there are some people still missing,"he said.

A early report said that there were about 20 people were buried by the ruin, which meant there were about nine persons still went missing.

Landslide and flood have happened frequently in Indonesia during the wet season, which this year started in December.


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