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Chinese company wins energy award


13:25, December 05, 2011

DURBAN, South Africa, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- Chinese company Suntech won a Gigaton Award on Sunday for outstanding business leadership in carbon emissions reduction.

The award was jointly presented by the Carbon War Room (CWR), the Gigaton Throwdown, and the World Climate Summit on the sidelines of UN climate talks taking place here.

The Gigaton Prize was awarded to Suntech, the company that has grown the renewables energy sector, while at the same time, growing a profitable business, according to a press release.

Awards were also presented to other energy companies which include Tesco of UK, Philips of the Netherlands, Schneider Electric of France, Swisscom of Switzerland and Centrica of UK.

The Gigaton Awards celebrate high standards of disclosure, exemplary performance, and inspirational behavior to lead their respective sectors to long term sustainability.

"We applaud the 2011 Gigaton winners for their outstanding efforts that will set the industry standard in carbon reduction and sustainability," said Sir Richard Branson, Co-Founder of the CWR.

"My fellow Academy of judges picked the very best companies from a great shortlist, and we look forward to seeing the ripple effect their efforts will inspire."

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