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Macedonia waits anxiously for court verdict on name dispute with Greece


10:25, December 05, 2011

SKOPJE, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- Macedonia is eagerly waiting for a ruling from the International Court of Justice on its suit against Greece over name issue between the two countries. The court will announce its verdict on Monday in The Hague.

A Macedonian delegation led by the country's Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki will be on the spot to hear the verdict.

Macedonia sued Greece in November of 2008, saying that Athens violated the agreement the two countries signed in 1995 to forbid Greece from blocking Macedonia applying for membership in international institutions under the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Greece thwarted the efforts by its small northern neighbour to join NATO in April of 2008 at a NATO summit, saying that Macedonia can be a member only if a solution to the name dispute is reached.

The two neighboring countries are involved in a 20-year dispute over a name dispute. Greece is opposed to the use of the name of Macedonia by its northern neighbor, saying that it implies it has territorial claims to Greece's northern province of the same name.

Macedonia has said that Greece breached the agreement, while Greece countered that Macedonia erred in the first place long before the NATO summit by naming its airport and highways after Greek historical figures, such as Alexander, and stealing Greek history.

Macedonia then brought the case before the international court in The Hague, accusing Greece of violating the agreement and asking Greece not to repeat that kind of behavior in the future.

Greece, on the other hand, has appealed to the court, saying that this case does not fall under its jurisdiction and that the arguments made by the other side are unfounded.

International law experts in Macedonia have said that, although the court's ruling would not be binding, a positive decision can at least improve Macedonia's position in the negotiations over the name issue.

"A possible positive decision by the court should have a favorable impact on Macedonia's opportunity to join NATO at the alliance's next summit for 2012 in Chicago," Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov said on Friday.


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Diplomat at 2011-12-0558.109.71.*
If it was just a name issue what about the American Province of Macedonia ?What about the Indian flag which has the 16-star sun ?What about so many historical symbols which stem to Macedonia all around the globe.The Greeks were also occupied (once upon a time) would it be unfair to call them the Former Ottoman Empire of Greece ?I"ll let you be the judge on all of the above.
PD User at 2011-12-05122.110.174.*
Macedonia never was and is not Greek. If we"re going to go down the track of enthnicity then Greeks should remember that they are one of the most bastardized peoples of Europe comprising of various invaders that intermingled with the population.
Matt at 2011-12-0549.177.198.*
And with the anti Macedonian comments lies the underlying problem with a majority of "so-called" greeks. No wonder their country is a shambles it"s just beyond belief why Europe would want such financial incompetant, xenophobic racists within the Euro Zone? What a disgraceful race.
SJ at 2011-12-052.111.65.*
I believe the Greeks should move on and let it go. Macedonians are not claiming the northern Greek territory so get over it! and stop rubbing democracy and civilization in the world"s noses - first fix ur shitty country!!
FYROM ARE DOG SHIT at 2011-12-05124.168.175.*

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