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New bloc embodies L America's global vision


16:00, December 04, 2011

MEXICO CITY - When leaders of 33 Latin American and Caribbean nations co-founded a new regional bloc here Saturday, they are envisioning the region as a bigger player on the world stage.

While the newly-formed Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) is politically diverse with varied national aspirations, its historic importance cannot be ignored, political analysts said.

"The creation of CELAC is part of a global and continental shift, characterized by the decline of US hegemony and the rise of a group of regional blocs that form part of the new global balance," Mexican analyst Raul Zibechi wrote in his column on the La Jornada daily.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has made it clear that he wants Latin America to stand stronger, more united and independent from US influence, a view echoed by a number of CELAC member countries including Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

Considered as strong allies of Washington, leaders of Mexico, Chile and Colombia have also enthusiastically embraced the idea of CELAC. And Brazil, South America's leading power, refers to the grouping as being the region's "new common voice" at many international fora.

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