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Bangkok to be dry before New Year: governor


15:14, December 04, 2011

BANGKOK, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) -- Floodwaters will be dried out in Bangkok by the end of this year, Bangkok governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra said on Sunday morning.

"Bangkok will dry before the end of this month because I want it as a New Year gift for all Bangkok residents," he said.

The governor also expressed concern over the ongoing flood situation in the western side of the capital as water level in some important canals are still high.

Officials of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will surround each inundated area and then drain the flood water out to ensure that they all will dry before the New Year, he added.

Currently a total of 36 out of 50 districts in Bangkok are still facing with floods which are considered the worst in more than half a century.


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