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EU reinforces restrictive measures against Iran


15:27, December 02, 2011

BRUSSELS, Dec 1 (Xinhua) -- The European Union on Thursday extended its sanctions against Iran, in response to protesters storming the British embassy in Tehran and the country's ambiguous nuclear projects.

According to a conclusion adopted by the EU foreign ministers who met the day in Brussels, the 27-nation bloc decided to add 143 entities and 37 persons to the list of asset freezes and economic travel ban.

The new measures target entities and individuals directly involved in Iran's nuclear activities, as well as those with links to Iran's shipping system and national army.

"Additional measures including measures aimed at severely affecting the Iranian financial system, in the transport sector, in the energy sector, measures against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, as well as in other areas," said the conclusion.

The ministers vented their angers at the meeting over the Tuesday storming of the British embassy in Tehran, condemning it as a violation of the Vienna Convention.

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romanov at 2011-12-0380.94.16.*
2011-12-2.Hypocritical"s union to know Vienna Convenction?Only in cause Iran?They oneself to break many time Vienna Convenction.To put out foreigen iranian deposit"s to commit crime.UE to have member thief and thung Poland see only Iran?

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