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Thousands gather in Tunisian capital to protest against extremism, joblessness


14:04, December 02, 2011

TUNIS, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Thousands of protestors gathered in front of the Constituent Assembly in Tunis on Thursday, calling for an end to religious extremism and joblessness, Tunisian radio reported.

The demonstrators, including independents, teachers and students, and members from civil society groups, massed in front the gates of the Constituent Assembly, chanting slogans and asking for live coverage of the debates inside the assembly through the setting up of a specialized parliamentarian channel.

Meanwhile, a number of protestors have set up tents inside the assembly's gardens.

The protest is considered by observers as the largest one since the early days of the unrest in Tunisia late last year, when thousands camped before the prime minister's office to call for greater social justice.

The movement came as the higher education union called a nationwide one-day strike on Thursday, following the occupation of the university of La Manouba west of the capital by a group of Salafist students.

The standoff which started on Monday, was still continuing on Thursday.

The incident prompted the condemnation on the Tunisian political parties, the human rights league and the general workers union.


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