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Germany plans to attract more foreign skilled workers


10:54, December 02, 2011

BERLIN, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Germany plans to lower its threshold for attracting more skilled workers and professionals from other countries to fill in its increasing deficiency, an expert commission's report said on Thursday.

A joint action plan, which was drafted by the cross-party and independent commission, made it clear that immigrants are soon to be exempted a work contract upon their entrance into Germany, only if they conform to the specific criteria for their expertises are truly in need.

"More and more German citizens become increasingly aware of the fact that immigration of alien talents into Germany bears positive effects on the country," according to the expert commission, led by former North Rhine-Westphalia integration minister Armin Laschet and former defense minister Peter Struck.

It vows to offer more generous and attractive appeal to overseas university students to stay to work in Germany after their graduation, by providing more conveniences for their residency permits and ensuring that they feel being welcomed in Germany.

The ban on non-European Union workers should be compromised to some degree, like the USA, from where the skilled workers can be in favor of to work in Germany, in terms of their targeted and managed immigration, according to the report.

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