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Sri Lankan president calls influential Tamil diaspora to invest in post-war progress


18:17, November 30, 2011

COLOMBO, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) -- The Sri Lankan president has called on Tamil diaspora to assist in rebuilding the once war-torn areas of the north and east through investment, a statement from his office said here on Wednesday.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa called on the large Tamil diaspora to aid in the rebuilding efforts of their motherland by investing in the north and east regions of the country that suffered the most during a brutal three-decade war.

Since the conflict ended in 2009, the government has invested over 6 billion U.S. dollars in large infrastructure projects with the latest addition being a grid of highways.

After the opening of Sri Lanka's first highway on Sunday, Rajapaksa inaugurated the work on another expressway linking the north with capital Colombo.

"We have launched several programs to develop the north and help our people. There is a need to provide entertainment for the north with more facilities for sports and recreation in addition to building more hotels. Both the private sector and diaspora could play an active role in the north," he was quoted as saying in the statement.

The Sri Lankan government and Tamil diaspora have been largely estranged over accusations of war crimes during the last phase of the war.

The government has accused some diaspora members of supporting the remnants of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam that it defeated but is still named as a terrorist organization.


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concerned at 2011-12-0170.50.111.*
The people need shelter, security, schools, trust,food and livelihood first, not hotels and entertainment. first come up with the list of killed, imprisoned, abducted and disappeared innocent tamils with names and where they are held etc. etc.then think about investing.REmove the "demons" in Uniform from the North and East. give the Tamils their land,and fishing rights back. Restore their freedom. Whom are you fooling?
Tariq at 2011-12-01175.38.202.*
I have watched helplessly military men assaulting youths in Jaffna. The military must allow civil administration take charge of the areas. Your Excellency yourself said that there has not been a single incident in any part of the country, that can be attributed to LTTE, why do you or your younger brother deploy large military men carrying guns among already frightened civilians? Why don"t you give a chance to them to be free from the army control and see if there is any unruly behaviour in Tamil speaking areas? Only after making sure that rule and law is maintained and people feel so that the outside world and Diaspora will invest to develop the region.
Steve at 2011-12-0171.100.140.*
1) Provide Electricity for all Tamils2) Provide Toilet Facility for all Tamils3) Fix all the streets around north and east4) Devolve the power to people - Tamils5) Gurantee for the investment for 20 years.Then we can invest and live with all Sinhala Brothers.
ranmal at 2011-12-0124.118.220.*
Get your priorities correct first Mr President. Without accountability no one from the diaspora is going to give you even a penny
Srivan at 2011-12-01195.93.18.*
The Tamil and Muslim people of the north and east don"t need entertainment but housing, infrastuctures,livelihoods and jobs! Entertainment is for the Sinhala tourists from the south and for foreigners, if any. Just enetartinment is for the military and police and for visiting high government officialdom from Colombo!

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