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Nigerian Senate mulls bill on rock blasting, explosive demolition


17:00, November 30, 2011

ABUJA, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- A bill seeking to regulate rock blasting, explosive demolition and other use of explosives within Nigeria's Federal Capital Territory (FCT) passed second reading at the Senate on Tuesday.

The bill also seeks to encourage the use of appropriate modern technology in blasting rocks.

The Sponsor, Sen. Chris Anyanwu in her lead debate said the bill sought to address the lingering environmental challenges posed by indiscriminate blasting of rocks by construction companies.

"The Bill seeks to regulate the indiscriminate blasting of rocks by construction companies and the attendant health hazards as well as the contemporary social challenges of illegal use of explosives by unscrupulous elements in the country," she said.

Anyanwu told the senate that the effect of indiscriminate rock blasting was colossal as it had both short and long term effects on the environment and the lives and properties of the people.

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David at 2011-12-0941.155.110.*
I will advise the senate to contact the following bodies as a necessity before making any legislation on Rock Blasting , explosives vis-a-vis modern technology:Civil Explosives Dealers Association(Manufacturers, Importers and Users of Explosives), The Nigerian Society of Mining Engineers(NSME),The Nigerian Mining And Geosciences Society(NMGS),The Council for registered Mining Engineers(COMEG),Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics awarding Degrees and Diplomas in Mining Engineering/Explosives Technology,Seismic Exploration Companies,and of course, the Federal Ministry of Mines and Steel Development.

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