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Indian cricketers declare Pakistan a safe country for sports


14:09, November 30, 2011

ISLAMABAD, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- The captain of the Indian Blind Cricket team Shekher Naik and other players described Pakistan as a safe country for staging international cricket ties, local media reported on Tuesday.

Naik also urged the cricket boards of other nations to send their teams to visit Pakistan.

"We visit Pakistan peacefully as there is no security issue here and we played cricket without any problem," said Naik, while talking to media before the departure of his the 17-member team for Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore.

Pakistani sports officials gave a warm send-off to the Indian team.

During the tour Pakistani team won the T-20 series by 2-1 and made a clean sweep of 3-0 in the one-day international matches.

The Indian captain was of the view that Pakistan can stage international cricket ties as there is no security concern.

He also called for resumption of cricket ties between India and Pakistan as people from both the sides are eager to see the start of cricket.

Naik said Pakistan team put up far superior performance because of being rich in experience.

The international cricket nations stopped sending their teams to Pakistan after the grave incident of Pakistani cricket history on March 3, 2009 when unknown militants attacked Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore on their way to stadium.

In the result of the attack, eight Pakistanis including six police commandos were killed and six Sri Lankan players and two officials were injured.


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venu at 2011-12-02141.0.9.*
u see he is really blind to believe that pak is safe place for sports where pak players are afraid to play
marthandan at 2011-11-3042.107.134.*
my point of view is based on game all the countries are don"t see the partiality of Pakistan team from other countries

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