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Japan to discuss sea safety with US, India

By Yu Qing (People's Daily)

13:57, November 30, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

In order to discuss a number of issues, the foremost of which is securing Asia's sea areas, Japan, the United States and India began preparations on Nov. 28 for the director-level meeting that is to be held in December in Washington.

It will be the first meeting of its kind among the three countries.

The three countries hope that they can hold the meeting periodically in turn and upgrade the exchange to the ministerial level in the future. Japan and the United States also hope to strengthen their economic cooperation with India.

Japan is set to establish a strategic partnership with India according to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), which became effective in August 2011 and discuss Japanese Premier Yoshihiko Noda’s upcoming visit to India at the end of 2011. In 2012, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force and Indian navy will hold their first joint military drill too.


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sekhar bharti at 2011-12-0149.202.143.*
china feels that India with other its neighbour trying to encircle China,but sir can you answer me that what you did in last 25-30 year accross India,to encircle it. What are you doing in POK,gwadar(pak),srilanka,myanmar,nepal and Maldive.Which type of economic interest you have in Coco Island inside Bay of bengal.
von at 2011-11-30113.210.231.*
China should see very clear already the agenda of Japan, India and USA now.They are jealous of China rising so fast in global economics and look for any excuse to contend China.THE MAIN REASON ARE VERY CLEAR ALREADY EXPECIALLY FOR INDIA AND JAPAN. OLD DOG USA MINDSET WILL NOT CHANGE AND ALWAYS LIKE THAT AS WE KNEW.
T.J.Unnikrishnan nampoot at 2011-11-30117.206.48.*
Sir ,India always want to cooperate with China .But China shows little interest in making ties with India for unknown reasons. Now India chose other countries as friends.There is nothing to worry.

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