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Nigerian army arrests 9 suspected kidnappers in Rivers State


17:20, November 29, 2011

PORT HARCOUT, Nigeria, Nov. 28 (Xinhua) -- Nigerian troops operating in oil rich Rivers State on Monday said nine suspected kidnappers were arrested by soldiers of the 2nd Army Brigade command in Port Harcourt.

Military spokesperson in the state, Major Ahmad Dikko, told reporters that the suspects were arrested on Saturday, during a stop and search operation.

One of the suspects was killed during an exchange of gun fire with soldiers at a security check point at Omoku.

"Two other suspects who fled into the bush were later arrested around," he added.

According to him, soldiers immediately mounted an operation at their camp and arrested four other suspects and freed one kidnapped victim.

Dikko said a manhunt has been ordered for the arrest of the gang leader and their sponsors.

He advised youths to desist from crime and stressed that the Army was at the top of security in the state.


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