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Occupy LA encampment ordered to be shutdown, no tactics revealed (3)


13:50, November 27, 2011

"We will continue to occupy this space, in solidarity with our global movement, until the forces of the few are forced to capitulate to the power of the people," the statement says.

The statement lists 10 grievances and stated that until their grievances were addressed they would continue their encampment occupation on the lawn surrounding Los Angeles City Hall.

In face of defiant protesters, concerns aroused on whether force would be used by Los Angeles police to drive the protesters out of the scene.

Los Angeles city officials have not revealed tactics of their plan to push out the campers.

Neither Villaraigosa nor police chief Charlie Beck would say at the press conference whether police were prepared to use tear gas or rubber bullets to clear protesters who refuse to leave.

It is not announced by city officials when exactly police would evict the protesters.

According to the police chief, the goal is to do this as peacefully as possible.

Meanwhile, Good Jobs LA, a coalition of labor unions and community groups that has organized marches with Occupy LA, called on the mayor and City Council to allow the camp to remain where it is.

"Elected leaders should be more concerned about enforcing regulations on banks than enforcing park rules," spokesman Jacob Hay said.

"They should be busy creating jobs, not creating conflict with peaceful protesters," said Hay.

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