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U.S. should explain its military bases in Afghanistan: Russian FM


08:26, November 22, 2011

MOSCOW, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday that Russia expected explanations from the United States about its plans to set up military bases in Afghanistan after 2014.

"There is some contradiction we would like to clarify," Lavrov told a news briefing here.

Lavrov admitted that although judicially the issue only concerned the U.S. and the Afghan governments, "in a wider political sense, one should take into account the interests of the states in this troubled region, which are directly affected by what is going on in Afghanistan."

"It is important for us to understand how the (U.S.) troops withdrawal and the creation of the military bases correspond, if it was announced that the U.S. military objectives will be reached by 2014," Lavrov said.

He said Russia will discuss the issues in an open way with both Afghanistan and the United States.

Last weekend, the Afghan traditional grand assembly approved an agreement with Washington on strategic partnership, which gave a green light for U.S. bases in the country until 2024.

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PD User at 2011-11-23173.183.78.*
by Ho Sai Yuen ---Folks, during the Second World War, the Chinese and Americans had been "friends" in confronting their common enemy: those aggressive Japs!!!The war stories of the American Flying Tigers and Col. DoLittle Raid on Tokyo after Pearl Harbour were clear testimonies of cooperation between the two peoples in face of grave danger!Today, this historical spirit of friendship can still be nurtured and continued to be foster as our common enemy are: ignorance, unfounded fear, lack of mutual trust and persistent suspicion.All these negative factors are borne out of the lack of total understanding in reaching out and sustain the historical friendship between the Chinese and the Americans. And these ought to change for the better immediately.Presiden Obama"s recent tough talk in Australia is, I believe, meant for his home cosumption and for his own good as he continue to try for a second term, but this should not be at the expense of China nor the Chinese people.And Obama must understand that bashing unfairly a China which has a past record of peace and friendship with U.S., viz the Second World War., should not have happened and must be remembered!China has always been an reliable partner of peace for all has not gone to war nor to occupy another piece of land. And all that China wants is to be "allowed" to be left alone to develop and protect its own vast land and improve the life of its own people. China is NOT interested in fighting another war nor trying to confront any other country. I think Obama owes China and the Chinese people an apology for the "insulting remarks" made against them in Australia.As a Chinese, I hope Obama and the Americans want peace rather than a prolong conflict in East Asia...particularly those South China Sea Islands which are historically and inherently Chinese territories since time immemorial. And U.S., Japan, Australia should stay out of this dispute and let those who are "involved" be able to resolve the problem in due course. Thanks.
PD User at 2011-11-2382.178.122.*
Who are these (our) people spilling hatred and gosip through hypothetical(lies) stories. No one can do any harm to our great country than this type of comments. Also it will be nice if our eyes open wide and retrospect ourselves.
wende at 2011-11-2271.255.93.*
US plans to encircle both China and Russia. Having bases is like hanging a sword on one"s neck. S.Korea and Japan can"t do much because of this. My anmar is the next one. West goes with US totally because they do not want to see non-white rise. The only non-whites are brainwashed with exposure to western media primarily movies. It behooves China to restrict objectionable movies from showing in China and apply censorship. At the same time, project Chinese media more efficiently in all parts of the world to counter US.
Yue Fei at 2011-11-22116.197.0.*
Russia, China,Korea, Japan, and the rest of East and Central Asia should form an alliance against the U.S.. Their arrogance and imperialism is getting out of hand. If might is right, let us then collaboratively make more bombs until we have more of it than Washington.
helen at 2011-11-22203.82.82.*
This is a bit naive isn"t it?The United States will continue to do what is in its interests and treat with utmost contempt those who criticise or oppose their vile and evil ways.US Global Tyranny will never change and the world will never be at peace as long as the United States is able to perpetuate their hegemony and invade sovereign nations.US$ demise is one great way to check US Global Tyranny. Is the world up to it!?

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