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Spanish PM designate promises to work for all Spaniards


10:52, November 21, 2011

MADRID, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) -- Popular Party leader Mariano Rajoy promised to work for the good of all Spaniards after being elected as his country's new prime minister on Sunday.

Rajoy's right wing Popular Party polled 44.55 percent of the vote in the Spanish General Election, enough for him to form a government with an overall majority and end seven and a half years in opposition.

Speaking from his party headquarters in the center of Madrid after the result, Rajoy highlighted the need for unity in the face of the current economic crisis which has left almost five million people out of work in Spain.

"I have no more enemies than unemployment, the deficit and the excessive debt," he said, promising to be a government leader who would represent "all of the people of Spain."

"There will be no miracles and we have not promised miracles," added Rajoy, who is now expected to introduce sweeping spending cuts in Spain. "We need to work together and make an effort for solidarity," he said, before turning his attention to Spain's position in the European Union.

"Spain's voice has to be respected in Brussels, We will stop being a part of the problem to form part of the solution," he promised, adding that he would not waste a second before putting his party's electoral program into operation.

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