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Nigeria intercepts cache of arms, ammunition


16:57, November 18, 2011

LAGOS, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Nigeria Customs Service says it has impounded a cache of arms and ammunition abandoned in the strong room of the Nigeria Aviation Handling Company Limited (NAHCO).

The customs area comptroller in charge of Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Michael Adewole, said on Thursday the seizure included six double barrelled guns.

Other items impounded included one single barrelled gun, one pump action gun, one Uzzi, two magazines, one Berretta pistol and one Becheverria pistol.

Adewole listed the ammunition as 19 cartridges, 500 pieces of blank armor and a sealed box of cartridges.

Among the confiscated accessories were four pieces of pull trough, two brushes, oil riffle bag and a sling colt belt.

He said the weapons were prohibited items that would not be allowed into the West African country, unless brought in by government security agencies.

He said the seizure followed security tips that some unidentified persons had abandoned the arms at the NAHCO strong room.

"The customs decided to carry out the exercise as part of its mandate of improving security around the airport," he added.

"My officials will not fold their arms and allow such dangerous weapons to get into town in view of the security situation in some parts of the country," Adewole said.

According to him, investigations have commenced to identify the importers, while the arms have been taken to the government customs warehouse to make way for police investigations.


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