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Syria warns against attacks on foreign embassies on its territory


16:14, November 17, 2011

DAMASCUS, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- Syrian Interior Ministry warned Thursday that it would take all legal measures against those who encroached upon the diplomatic missions in Syria, following several attacks by angry Syrians against foreign embassies in Damascus.

In a statement carried by the state news agency, the ministry appealed on all the police headquarters and those affiliated with protecting the diplomatic missions to take all necessary measures to prevent such incidents.

The ministry threatened that it would arrest the attackers and bring them to trial.

The embassies of several countries in Damascus have been targeted over the past week by pro-government Syrians in protest of these countries' stances toward Syria.

On Tuesday, Syria apologized to Jordan over an attack against the Jordanian embassy in Damascus, according to Jordan's state-run Petra news agency.

The attack on the Jordanian embassy came a couple of days after the assaults by angry Syrians on embassies of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

The latest scene of assaults against diplomat missions was at the Moroccan and the UAE embassies in Damascus on Wednesday, during which the angry protesters pelted the embassies with eggs and stones.

Moroccan Foreign Ministry recalled its envoy from Damascus to protest the assaults.

The United Nations Security Council has expressed its strong condemnation of Syria's recent attacks on diplomatic posts in Damascus, reiterating its call on the Syrian authorities to protect diplomatic and consular property and personnel in the country.

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