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Australian navy ships to visit Indonesia for joint exercise


13:48, November 17, 2011

JAKARTA, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- Two Australian navy ships will visit Indonesia for a biennial bilateral exercise with the Indonesian Navy, said a press statement from the Australian Embassy to Indonesia on Thursday.

Commanders and crews of Royal Australian Navy warships HMAS WARRAMUNGA and HMAS SIRIUS will be officially welcomed at Jamrud Utara Pier of Surabaya Harbor at East Java province on Sunday.

The ships will arrive in Surabaya with approximately 250 crews on board for a four day visit on Nov. 20-23 for Exercise New Horizon, a biennial bilateral exercise between the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the Indonesian Navy.

Both ships will be joined by Indonesian Navy ships KRI Frans Kaisiepo and KRI Abdul Halim Perdanakusuma for three days of exercises at sea prior to returning to Australia.

The Commanding Officer of HMAS WARRAMUNGA Commander Michael Turner said that the Royal Australian Navy benefited from exercising with the Indonesian Navy and very much looked forward to their visit to Surabaya.

"The relationship between the Royal Australian Navy and the Indonesian Navy is very strong, and based on professional respect and friendship. The opportunity to experience the cultural diversity and hospitality of the Indonesian people as well as witness the natural beauty of Indonesia, adds to the occasion of our visit," Commander Turner said.

The Australian Defence Attach to Indonesia Brigadier Gary Hogan said that cooperation between the two navies in areas of maritime security was a key element of the Agreement between Indonesia and Australia in the Framework for Security Cooperation known as the Lombok Treaty.

Regular ship visits and exercises strengthened the relationship, and enabled the two Navies to operate together more effectively.

"This year has seen an exceptionally high tempo of engagement between the Australian and Indonesian navies with HMA Ships WARRAMUNGA and SIRIUS being the thirtieth and thirty first Australian naval vessels to visit Indonesia in 2011. This is a clear demonstration of the maturity of our Defence relationship, and the commitment to continue working together to ensure our mutual security," Brigadier Hogan said.

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