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Austrian gov't completes anti-terrorism package


13:29, November 16, 2011

VIENNA, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- The Austrian Council of Minister on Tuesday approved the last amendment to the Security Police Act (SPG).

Thus, the anti-terrorism package is completed, which not only expanded police's power against terrorism but also stipulated new facts in the criminal code StGB.

The anti-terrorism package, a response to the terrorist attacks July in Norway, will enter into force in early 2012.

In the future, the authorities will be enabled to use "technical means of transmission of signals" to track and investigate individual offenders, including monitoring persons who speak out for violent publicly or provide knowledge of preparing possible attacks of terrorism.

The revised act now provides more opportunities for taking action against potential terrorists and also for identification in the doping area.

News facts of terrorist offenses in the criminal code include that a hate speech relevant for at least 30 people, previously was the case of 150 persons, and a manual for committing terrorist offense will be published by law in the future.

In addition, violent or any other hostile act against someone because of sex, disability, age or sexual orientation will be regarded as criminal activity. Currently, only groups but no individuals are protected.

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