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ADB awards outstanding projects in Nepal


14:26, November 15, 2011

KATHMANDU, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has awarded three outstanding projects in Nepal on Tuesday for their excellent performance in helping improve the lives of rural poor in the country.

The ADB-run projects in different areas have been providing safe water supply and sanitation and income generating opportunities and bringing about sustainable urban development.

A special ceremony was organized in the capital Kathmandu to present the three winning projects with "Outstanding Project Management Team Award".

Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Krishna Hari Baskota and Country Director ADB, Barry Hitchcock jointly awarded the team of the three best projects.

The three awarded projects are "Community Livestock Development Project", "Community based Water Supply and Sanitation Sector" and "Urban and Environmental Improvement Project".

Speaking at the function, Country Director Barry Hitchcock said that these awards have been presented recognizing their excellent performance.

"We have to identify the key sector and project related issues so that specific actions could be taken for a further portfolio performance improvement," Hitchcock said.

He added that the successful implementation of these projects has significantly contributed toward maximizing ADB's overall contribution to helping reduce poverty in the country.

Finance Secretary Krishna Hari Baskota said that there has been continuous progress in portfolio performance of ADB assisted programs and projects in past years.

He lauded the ADB's new and strict criteria for project performance monitoring and rating, focusing on procurement, disbursement, safe guard, financial management and technical issues.

"We need to further systematize our project implementation and portfolio management," he added.

The three projects have been effectively implemented and have been yielding very good results.

On one hand they have been providing tremendous help in increasing per capita income and on the other they have been uplifting the life standard of people in the area.

ADB has been providing the awards to motivate and encourage project teams to improve their performance and get good results so as to help reduce poverty and promote development in the nation.

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