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Syrian FM says AL suspension of Syria's membership "illegal"


08:08, November 15, 2011

DAMASCUS, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al- Moallem said Monday the decision of the Arab League (AL) to suspend Syria's membership is illegal and very dangerous step concerning the present and future of common Arab action.

The decision, which lacks a consensus, is illegitimate, Moallem told a press conference.

Under the latest AL decision, activities of the Syrian delegation in the pan-Arab body would be suspended on Wednesday. The AL, meanwhile, called on its members to withdraw ambassadors in Syria and urged sanctions on Damascus until a peace plan it brokered is implemented.

The Syrian foreign minister said his country has undertaken a lot of steps within the context of the Arab plan agreed upon between Syria and the ministerial Arab committee last month.

He noted that after the approval of the Arab plan, there was an unprecedented media escalation and a flare-up in violence, signaling out the United States for criticism, saying "the U.S. statements have posed instigation for foreign intervention."

Moallem said his country was still committed to the provisions of the AL, adding that the suspension of Syria's membership was a "premeditated" plan, however, the minister made it clear that Syria still welcomes a planned visit to the country by an Arab delegation and has proposed the convening of an emergency Arab summit.

Meanwhile, Moallem said Syria would emerge stronger due to the awareness of its people, reasserting that the country is paying a price for its stands that support the Arab resistance groups.

He said Syria is heading to the end of the crisis, meanwhile, apologized for recent attacks by angry pro-government protesters against some Arab diplomatic missions in Syria, including the Qatari and Saudi embassies.

Moallem said Syria has been working to halt all forms of violence, adding that Syria has dealt with the files on reforms and dialogue with total openness "as it's fully aware of the size of the conspiracy on one side, and the importance of its people's unity in confronting it."

He stressed that Syria is open to any brotherly or friendly effort to activate national dialogue and support the process of reform, and the country is determined to implement the Arab plan because it's compatible with the Syrian leadership's plan to stop violence.

Moallem said it's the government's duty to protect the civilians and confront armed groups.

He added the implementation of the Arab plan should be accompanied by controlling the borders with neighboring countries to prevent weapon smuggling and financial transfers to fund armed groups.

Meanwhile, he said "there is no justification for the Libyan scenario to be repeated in Syria," stressing that Syria is now giving the "last chance" to the common Arab action as "there will not be any action without Syria."

Moallem launched a scathing criticism against AL chief Nabil al- Arabi saying "talking with him would not honor Syria," pointing out that al-Arabi's announcement that he would refer the Syrian issue to international organizations on a later state, was " humiliating."

On the Syrian-Iran relations, Moallem said they are "solid and deeply rooted," noting that such relation will not be at the expense of Syria's relations with Arab countries.

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