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India's increasing troop may go nowhere

By He Zude, Fang Wei (China Youth Daily)

07:39, November 15, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

India plans to recruit 100,000 soldiers over the next five years and send them to the China-India border areas to cement its military strength there, according to a report by the Times of India on Nov. 2. India's defense ministry has already approved a 13 billion-U.S. dollar military modernization plan.

The average growth rate of India's military spending has stood at 7 percent to 8 percent for more than a decade, and its military spending ranks ninth in the world. India is also the world's largest arms imports country. The spread of the "China threat" theory, the increase of troops to the disputed areas near the China-India border, and the display of a tough attitude toward China all aim to make a breakthrough in further increasing military spending.

Despite India’s huge military spending, its economic growth has recently been slow, with last year’s economic growth rate hitting a six-year low. It is very difficult to considerably increase military spending for military buildup amid the economic downturn, so India needs to first create a tense atmosphere and transfer domestic problems in hopes of securing more military spending.

India has continued to hold joint military drills with China's neighboring countries over a recent period, showing it evidently intends to contain China. Furthermore, India's move to send an additional 100,000 soldiers to the China-India border areas is consistent with its earlier actions aimed at containing China.

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Hahaha!!! at 2012-02-20117.227.81.*
* The brainwashed duffer who wrote this inane article, is so full of blind conceit that he thinks India or USA or any other nation doesn"t have any such weapons that china brags about. The fact is China"s economic grounds are shaking worse than USA"s and INDIA"s.* China is in no position to issue threats to other nations.* And BTW, 140,000 troops that india has deployed, aren"t there to fool around till they get blown. They are their to stop chinese thugs from harassing and influencing the people of Arunachal Pradesh with their typical propagandist approach.* What kind of a bumptious, ignorant fool would think like that???* What type of abject grandiloquence is this?I totally concur with Skumar, China should cease its own actions in the jammu and Kashmir territory first because it"s illegally occupied by pakistan, before they indulge in megalomaniacal fantasies.
Uff at 2011-11-22220.255.2.*
It seems that People Daily suffer from inflated sense of superiority of Chinese vis vis other Asian nations. But you forget that this false sense of pride eventually brings the downfall. No doubt that China has been able to rapidly increase its influence in the world based on its perceived economic might, but who knows the reality when you suppress any available dissent voice or voice of opposition. Chinese with its export based economy and mentality of copying every available commodities to military equipments, what do you think how long will it take the country forward without eventually faltering! Alas!, the government fails to see that. You groan whilst the world laughs!
skumar at 2011-11-201.23.57.*
China should justify its own actions in the jammu and Kashmir territory illegally occupied by pakistan, before these stupid comments. China should snub these double standards. China has violated International nuclear laws and proliferated nuclear technology to north korea and the terrorist state pakistan and it is dreaming to contain India south asia which is not possible.
WangFeng at 2011-11-19115.249.89.*
You do not know the economic strength of India. Their growth is not inflated like the Chinese. Stupid article froom the propagandist bastion.
. at 2011-11-18207.6.121.*
140,000 will end up setting up housing n slum cities to claim more territories!

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